We goofed.

We goofed.

This morning, our system sent out a batch of emails that were not intended for public consumption.  The intent of the email was to show users who hadn’t visited their MightyBrand account in awhile what kinds of mentions they had been getting in their absence.  Unfortunately, there was a bug in the system and instead mentions for a very small subset of the brands we track was sent out.

We take full responsibility for the mistake and want you to know what we’re doing:

  1. We’ve identified the exact issue and taken steps to correct the immediate problem.
  2. We’re going through all of our email code to ensure there are no other major bugs.
  3. We’re re-evaluating our procedures for testing new features across the entire app.
  4. We’ve tried to contact those affected by the error; please contact us if we missed you.

Again, we’re sorry that we made this mistake and we’re hard at work to make sure it never happens again.  We completely understand if you’re upset (we are);  If you have further concerns or questions, please contact us at support@mightybrand.com or call me at the number below and we’ll make it right.

Ryan & Ben

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