Can citizens love the government?

Can citizens love the government?

I just wrote a guest post over on about the idea of citizens being as passionate about their government as consumers are about Apple or Google. In the post, I explored the lessons of customer development and how they might be applied in the context of government as a kind of “citizen development” model. It’s my belief that social media offers a unique opportunity for governments to engage with their constituencies in a direct and scalable way. The result will be better services and products, more efficiency, better customer service, and a much better relationship between governments and citizens. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Four Steps to the (Gov 2.0) Epiphany: Better Government Through Citizen Development

Disclosure: The founder of is a personal friend and I helped him create the first version of it, but I have no financial interest in the site.

US Capitol Building image by David Iliff

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