New Series: How Real Companies Around the World Do Social Media

New Series: How Real Companies Around the World Do Social Media

We’ve been talking to a lot of businesses over the last six months about how they use social media and what it’s done for their business. We’ve learned a lot, from what products we should build to how we should market them. We thought it might be interesting to share some stories and interviews with these companies and others we’ve found along the way. We hear a lot about how Fortune 500 companies are using social media, and we hear a lot in the echo chamber of the web industry, but what about the rest of the world? What about the mom-and-pop diner in Iowa, or the machine shop in Delaware? What about the dive shop in Belize or the artisanal garment factory in Paris? How has social media impacted their world?

The companies and individuals we’ll be profiling and interviewing represent a broad spectrum of commercial activity, from freelancers to small firms to large corporations. They come from many different industries, including health, non-profits, media, telecommunications, and more. They have two things in common: they’ve had positive results working with social media, and they handle their social media in-house, instead of farming it out to an agency.

The first of the interviews will be posted next week and we hope you enjoy them. If your company would like to be profiled or you know of a company that would be interesting to interview, please contact us. Thanks!

PS – We’d especially love to hear from more companies based outside of the US!

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