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We were surprised this morning to discover we had been added to – Listen To Your Customers

The philosophy behind this product is really a simple one: customers talk on blogs, Twitter, and several other social channels. If companies could learn about these conversations about their brands or products, they will be able to give the people what they want. Thus, BlueSwarm was born.

Thank you to everyone that cast their vote for us, and thanks to for the excellent write up.

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We’re Growing! Writers Wanted.

We’re Growing! Writers Wanted. is growing and we’re excited about where it’s headed. With this growth we are looking to bring some more writers and editors on board to join the fun.

If you’re passionate about helping others build their brand using social media, then this is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge. We are looking for writers who can write a substantial post a couple of times a week and post a daily roundup of links to resources around the web for the off days.

Contact Ben Rasmusen (info at mightybrand dot com) if you’re interested. Thanks!

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Daily Percolation – Links for Friday, 5/6/08

Daily Percolation – Links for Friday, 5/6/08

Rounding up some of the best content out there for you to mull over with your morning cofee, we have the following:

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Image by BrianScott

For the past couple weeks, the four of us have been tossing ideas around for a blog that would cover building a brand online through social media, both for individuals and for organizations.

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