How does MightyBrand work?

You tell us about your brand and we show you conversations that are going on all over the web about your brand. We also perform various types of analysis and give you tools to quickly engage in those conversations and connect with the people who are talking about you.

How will MightyBrand help me build my brand?

People *love* to feel like someone is listening. Millions of people are talking online about you, your competitors, and your market space. If you’re not listening and effectively communicating with them, you’re missing a great opportunity for customer support and acquisition.

How do you get the conversations?

We use a variety of data gathering techniques (our secret sauce). Our methods and algorithms are still being finalized, so if you’re missing items, the analysis is wrong, or something just doesn’t feel right, please let us know.

Where do you track my brand?

Currently, we’re tracking conversations on millions of blogs, thousands of mainstream news sources, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, and Flickr.

Why don’t you track conversations on X?

We’re rapidly expanding the number of services we support, and we’d love to hear any suggestions about which ones we should implement next. Please contact us with any feedback.

How often do you refresh my brand?

It varies depending on the service that we’re refreshing from, the server load, and how often your brand has new items. In general, we try to refresh at least once per day, with some services (like Twitter) refreshing as often as every ten minutes. If your items aren’t appearing fast enough for your liking, just contact us…we can work something out.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, we offer consulting services to help you better understand how to market your brand effectively through social media. You can also read our blog for great (and free) information on this subject, but if you need some special attention, please contact us for more information.

Didn’t this used to be called BlueSwarm?

Yes, MightyBrand first came to life as BlueSwarm.com back in summer of 2008, but after some careful thought and listening to feedback from our users, we decided that MightyBrand was a better reflection of our goal of helping companies build strong brands online.

Why don’t you have a free version?

We’d love to be able to offer our service to everyone for free, but the aggregation and analysis of so many items from so many places takes time and money. By charging for it, we ensure that we won’t disappear into the night and leave you without an amazing brand tracking solution.

Can’t I get the same thing for free elsewhere?

To some degree. You can cobble together a rudimentary solution that will give you most of the capability of MightyBrand for free. Of course, you’ll have to spend time setting it up, it’ll probably be spread out on several different sites, you’ll need to keep adding new sources as they become relevant, it’ll take longer to respond to items, there’s no analysis, and it’ll be hard to collaborate with colleagues, but you’ll save a few bucks. Or you can let us worry about all that.

Who are you guys?

MightyBrand is a product by Ben Rasmusen and Ryan Waggoner. We love talking to users and finding out how we can make the service better, so please contact us with any questions or comments.

What does this site run on?

We’re running a fairly standard LAMP stack on Slicehost (highly recommended!). The app itself is built in CakePHP, and some of the many excellent pieces we’re using include SphinxSimplePie, Open Flash Charts, the Google Charts API, and the Silk icon set.

I have questions you didn’t answer.

Shoot us an email and we’ll get an answer for you!